An Original Piece I wrote for our send off to Uni, Including Playing styles and Techniques from several Members of the Course, all interpreted in this Track. From Brandon’s piano Scale Riff Blending into Encrypted, To Jakes Sax Growl every so Often, a Modified version of Daniels Favorite Scale, Danny Allan’s Sax Sweep, Nathans Bass Slapping. Including Motif’s From Brandon’s encrypted and even a Slight Rendition of Danny Allan’s Zarpeggio. And let’s not forget the Minor Second in the Track.

Hope You Enjoy.


released June 17, 2017
Encrypted Motif - soundcloud.com/brandon-obrien-456686627/encrypted

Zarpeggio Motif - www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiRQpbUclFU

Brandon O' Brien's Permission To Sell The Track

Danny Allan's Permission To Sell The Track

Thanks To Everyone on First Year and Second Year in College

Thanks To Our Music Tutors

And Thank You To Our Class <3



all rights reserved


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Hello, I am A Freelance Composer who specializes in Cinematic Orchestra, as well as other Genres of Music.

My main Musical Background is to work on Soundtracks for Games and even Films.

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